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August 2021

In August 2021, we hosted a curated group-travel experience to Greece. 

We can help you plan your next trip.

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Why book with beard & compass?

We work closely with our travel partners to offer great packages at fair prices and with added perks that are not always available when traveling solo or with a small group. 


"Thank you so much Brandon & Jeremiah for all the hard work y’all put into making this trip a truly spectacular dream vacation. Every single day was so much fun! I feel lucky to have met everyone, for the new friendships, and the memories together!" - John B.

"Brandon and Jeremiah, you two planned a trip that I’ll never forget. As an event planner, I get that this kind of stuff is like herding wild cats. And gays each have their own personalities, expectations, and paths. What you two pulled off was nothing short of a miracle. Again, thank you both. I’m glad I was able to join." - Zack S.

 Now more than ever,

we realize that we all need something to look forward to

We understand there's a lot of uncertainty and you may be apprehensive about traveling right now. Like many of you, most of our 2020 and 2021 travel was modified, canceled or postponed. While no one can tell you exactly how COVID will affect travel in 2022 and beyond, we can guide you on precautions to take to prepare for the worst - or for the best.


Mykonos 2021

We put together an exciting itinerary for our guests in 2021.


Our curated itinerary captured the essence of Mykonos. It is equal parts R&R, party & adventure. 

From our very own private catamaran to discovering some of our favorite spots around the island, our crew an amazing and memorable time



Are you traveling with a friend or partner or  traveling alone?


 We've got you covered.

Through our partnerships and group rates, we are able to offer you exclusive pricing not available by booking directly.




We hand-pick featured properties that you are sure to love. 

Great locations

Excellent Reviews

Amazing Service

Pick from one of our three or four star hotels.

Don't see a hotel you like and would prefer to stay somewhere else? Just let us know. 

Will you be traveling with a group who would prefer to stay in a villa? That's no problem. We'll help you pick the best villa in your budget.





We realize you probably have lots of questions. 

Is it safe to travel right now?  What is the cost and what is included? What is the cancelation policy?

We have the answers you need.

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