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About Us

We are a couple who lives in Atlanta, GA. We are PAs who specialize in LGBTQ+ primary care.

We have an adventurous and curious spirit that has shaped our love of travel. Between the two of us, we've visited 60+ countries and counting. From the drum circles of Maui to the waters of Halong Bay, and from the majestic mountains of Nepal to the wine vineyards of South Africa, we've been fortunate to see many corners of our amazing world.

Traveling allows us to escape the monotony and stressors of everyday life and gives us that time we need to let our minds wander, dream big, relax and recuperate so we can return home recharged.

We are passionate about discovering new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. While our day jobs consume much of our time, we are always eager to plan our next big trip. It's what keeps us going!

For us, the greatest part of traveling is sharing special experiences and creating memories with each other. When we envisioned our mission for beard & compass, it was our goal to share our love of travel with our friends- both old and new. Sharing something you love, something that brings you such joy and immense happiness, is the true definition of love and friendship.

We hope that by sharing our passion with you, you will be inspired to think big, get out of your comfort zone and travel this crazy and big beautiful world along with us.

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